November 19, 2017: Cerner POE/NetAccess Downtime This Sunday



The Cerner Patient Safety System will be unavailable starting at 3:00 AM until approximately 5:30 AM this Sunday, November 19, 2017. During this timeframe, Net Access/LCR, Invision Patient Management, Physician Order Entry, Medication Reconciliation and Discharge Instructions, as well as all interfaces to and from these systems will be unavailable.


Cerner will apply their patches and updates in their hosted data center facility. Once complete they will notify our help desk that their maintenance is complete. During this time access to the applications will be interrupted.

Cerner will do everything they can to limit the actual amount of downtime needed. As soon as the systems are back on line and available they will be in contact with our Help Desk. Our Help Desk staff will send out an email notification as the systems come back on line.


Please post in your areas to notify your staff of this outage.

During this timeframe, Net Access/LCR, including the Net Access MAR, Invision Patient Management, Physician Order Entry, Medication Reconciliation, Discharge Instructions and Patient Care Documentation, as well as all interfaces to and from these systems will be unavailable. The JDH pharmacy, CMHC Pharmacy, Medication Administration Checking (MAK), Radiology and Softmed systems will remain up during this outage.

For Medication Administration Checking (MAK) areas please note that MAK will not go down during this outage, since it is part of the JDH Pharmacy system hosted here in our ASB data center. However, the full MAR view on Net Access/LCR will not be available during the timeframe noted, so if the physicians need MAR information, nursing will need to aid them in getting the required information directly from the MAK system. In addition, MAK may not have the most recent ADT data, since new admission and bed change information that occurs in IDX during the outage will not flow through the interfaces to the pharmacy and therefore the MAK system during this outage. These changes will catch up and flow appropriately when the outage has ended.  

Finally, please also be aware that you will not have access to Discharge Instructions during this timeframe, so although it is unlikely that a discharge would occur during this timing, please ensure you print anything you may need prior to 3 am if required. You may also call the help desk if you need assistance.

Please call the Help Desk at x4400 with any additional issues experienced during this outage window.




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