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Organization and Staff Development is committed to helping you strengthen your workplace effectiveness and professional profile. Continuous learning is key to thriving in today's rapidly changing work environments. All UConn employees are encouraged to set professional goals and enroll in the variety of online and classroom courses that meet your professional development needs. Visit often as offerings are continually added throughout the year.

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UConn Health Campus
All courses are held in the Munson Road Training Room unless noted.

January, 2020


Compassion Fatigue Workshop

This new workshop is designed to educate individuals on compassion fatigue as a result of the ongoing impact of being involved in others’ lives in a helping capacity. The goal of the course is to facilitate an exploration of common symptoms of compassion fatigue in order to increase personal awareness. Through informal activities, participants will begin to develop a personal action plan to increase self-care.

“Symptoms of compassion fatigue affect both individuals and the organizations in which they work. Despite the type of work involved, the personal and professional symptoms we are vulnerable to often sneak up on us. We are busy helping others and too often neglect our own needs. Healing and increasing resilience for ongoing work with others require both ongoing awareness and purposeful action on our own behalf.” - Marya M. Barey, Ph.D.

Instructor: Marisol Cruz St. Juste, M.A.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 9–11 a.m., TB Room 923, University Tower


Bridging the Generation Gap

Generational differences are often responsible for miscommunication, interpersonal conflict and productivity issues in the workplace. This workshop will provide techniques to overcome these differences in order to improve communication, respect and productivity. The goal is for participants to collaborate effectively across generational differences while recognizing and utilizing the strengths of the different generations within the team.

Instructor: Marisol Cruz St. Juste, M.A.

Career Exploration at UConn Health

Through a group experience, this session will help you learn more about yourself and the process of decision-making by exploring your interests as they relate to career decisions. It will cover planning for education and training, navigating the UConn Health hiring system and planning short-, medium-, and long-range career plans. It includes assessment of experiences, resume, interests, skills, and personality and how these can influence career choice.

Instructor: Marisol Cruz St. Juste, M.A.

Communicating to Build Relationships
No matter where you live or work, communication skills are essential to building effective work relationships. Participants will examine communication best practices, including review of the conflict modes, verbal, non-verbal, and written communication tips that can be used to effectively communicate with others to build positive work relationships. Discover ways to overcome common barriers and reduce miscommunication.

Instructor: Roselyn Wright

Job Seeking Image and Etiquette
Good career coaches will tell you it is never too late to reinvent yourself. This course will review how to put forth your best professional image- beyond the resume and cover letter. Learn job seeking etiquette best practices for creating a lasting impression. Discussion will focus on setting reasonable job seeking expectations and meaningful strategies for exhibiting a positive professional image.

Instructor: Roselyn Wright

MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Individual Assessment
The MBTI is a great professional development tool that will give you helpful feedback about how you and others receive and direct energy, take in information, decide and come to conclusions, and approach the outside world. Prior to the workshop, registered participants will receive an online link to take the assessment. Then, at the workshop, certified instructors will review results along with conducting a workshop style review of the framework. Attendees will engage in interactive feedback and exercises to determine type best fit, and discussion on how you can use that understanding to get more from yourself and the relationships you have with others.

Cost: $25.00 payable by transfer voucher.

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel up until 5 business days prior to the start date of the class. If you take the MBTI assessment and drop the course, no refunds will be issued.

Instructors: Marisol Cruz St. Juste, M.A., and Roselyn Wright

The Art of Effective Business Note Taking

Like it or not, our work lives involve meetings. Whether you participate in status meetings, planning conference calls, brainstorming sessions or team meetings, taking effective notes is a necessary skill to move your work forward. It is also a core skill that professionals at all levels can improve upon. This course will show you how and when to choose to take linear vs. visual notes, how to effectively listen, how to document action plans, and how to effectively write meeting minutes. Give yourself this opportunity to take this ancient art form up a notch.

Instructor: Alexandra "Alexis" Crean

Workplace Email Etiquette

On average, U.S. employees spend about a quarter their work time sending and receiving emails each day. Leaders, managers, supervisors, and employees know that email can be an effective and necessary way to share information at work but they all reveal that it is email misbehaviors that are giving email a bad name. This email etiquette training course is designed to help participants improve the courtesy, professionalism, and clarity of their email messages. Learn how to apply tried and true best email practices using simple email techniques that will bring your emails from good to great and increase your productivity.

Instructor: Alexandra "Alexis" Crean