Voluntary Schedule Reducation Program

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  • Voluntary program authorized by Section 5-248c of the General Statutes, that has been in existence since 1991.
  • Program can be utilized at any time by permanent employees working an FTE of at least 50%. Please note, employees may not reduce to below 50% while utilizing this program, as they must ensure the hours worked in a pay cycle exceeds the minimum number of hours  required for eligibility for health insurance benefits.
  • The request shall not be granted if the effect would be to incur overtime costs.
  • Request must be submitted on form CT-HR-7c. Requests can only be made for a period of three months at a time. A new request form must be submitted to extend beyond the initial three months.
  • Employees interested in utilizing the program should complete section one of the form and then submit to their manager or department head. The manager or department head reviews the request and completes section two with their approval or disapproval based on the operational needs of their unit. The request is then forwarded to the agency designee (HR Records Manager) for review and completion of section three. Once the HR Records Manager has reviewed the request, a memo detailing the status of the request will be sent to the employee and manager. Instructions for completing time cards will be provided in that memo.
  • For more information, contact the agency designee, Liz Fay, HR Records Manager, at 860-679-7573 or efay@uchc.edu.

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For questions, contact:

Elizabeth Fay, 860-679-7573