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Annual Compliance Training

Per University policy, all faculty and staff are required to complete the annual Healthcare Compliance and HIPAA Privacy training. The office of Healthcare Compliance and Privacy develops and delivers healthcare compliance and privacy training and education to the UConn Health community.

The 2020 Annual Healthcare Compliance training and the 2020 HIPAA Privacy training launched on Wednesday, November 4, 2020. The deadline to complete these trainings is Thursday,  February 4, 2021. You can complete these  mandatory trainings by logging into the Saba Learning Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who do I contact if I have questions about the training?

A. You can contact the Office of Healthcare Compliance with questions about training requirements by calling 860-679-4180 or emailing

Q2. Why do I have two compliance trainings to complete?

A. The Annual Compliance Training covers specific compliance topics such as the Code of Conduct and state ethics. In addition to these topics, there is additional specific Healthcare Compliance Training that covers some of the top compliance areas at UConn Health.

Q3. Do I need to complete the training?

A. Compliance training is mandatory for all employees employed today regardless of hours worked or future termination date.

Q4. I’ve completed trainings on these topics in the past. Do I still need to complete the 2020 training?

A. Yes. Compliance training is required annually for all employees. We appreciate you taking the time to complete the training in the past and hope that this refresher will help reinforce what you previously learned.

Q5. What happens if I don’t complete the training by the deadline?

A. A list of non-compliant individuals will be sent to supervisors and Human Resources. They will determine appropriate disciplinary action.

Q6. I am on approved leave. Do I need to take the compliance training?

A. Yes. All employees are required to complete annual compliance. However, those on approved leave will not be required to complete the training until they return to work. You will have 90 days from the day you return back to work to complete the training. Saba is not able to grant extensions to assigned training, so employees on leave and their managers will continue to receive notifications regarding compliance training.

Q7. I’m traveling and don’t have access to a computer.

A. You have 90 days from the time you are enrolled to complete the training.

Q8. I don’t have a computer where I work. What are my options?

A. The UConn Health Lyman Maynard Stowe Library has computers that you can use to access Saba and complete your training.

Q9. I took the training. How can I verify it is marked completed?

A. In order for the training to be marked complete, you must view the entire module and complete the attestation page. Do not close your browser until instructed to do so. You can verify the training was successfully completed by viewing your Saba transcript.

Q10. I am a supervisor. How do I verify my employees have completed the training?

A. You can verify the training modules were successfully completed by viewing your employees’ training records in your Team Dashboard in Saba. You will also receive weekly status reports.

Q11. There are employees on the training report that no longer work at UConn Health.  How do I get their names removed?

A. To report employees no longer working at UConn Health, email or visit Human Resources for more information.