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Please feel welcome to contact our office with any healthcare compliance and privacy questions, concerns, or requests.

Phone: 860-679-6060
Fax: 860-679-1016
Mail Code: MC 1910

Kimberley Bailot

Director of Healthcare Compliance

Phone: 860-679-4746

Kim oversees the day-to-day activities of OHCP’s healthcare compliance functions while contributing to the overall strategy and evolution of OHCP’s compliance activities. Additionally, Kim works with all levels of staff, clinicians, and administration to provide guidance and support in designing and implementing operational responsibilities in alignment with applicable healthcare compliance laws, policies, and standards, with a focus on adherence to federal healthcare program payer requirements.

Elle Box

Chief Healthcare Compliance & Privacy Officer

Phone: 860-679-1014

As Chief Healthcare Compliance & Privacy Officer, Elle oversees implementation of UConn Health’s Compliance and Privacy program while providing strategic vision for program evolution in support of quality, safe, and effective patient care.

Priscilla Fretz

Assistant Privacy Officer

Phone: 860-679-4748

With keen attention to detail and skill in investigating privacy matters, Priscilla manages UConn Health’s proactive monitoring program to review and investigate access to UConn Health’s electronic medical record systems. Priscilla routinely collaborates with Labor Relations and all levels of management to understand and respond to privacy incidents in addition to providing operational guidance when inquiries, questions, and concerns arise.

Lisa Frigo

Compliance Specialist

Phone: 860-679-4955

Lisa assists the Office of Healthcare Compliance & Privacy in implementing program elements, supporting operations by responding to inquiries, and providing guidance on payer coverage requirements. Lisa actively participates in the department’s proactive and strategic planning, risk assessment, and monitoring activities.

Adam Johnston

Assistant Privacy Officer

Phone: 860-679-7334

A strong writer with analytical skills, Adam plays an integral role in revising key privacy documents, including policies, while also providing support to operational leaders in adhering to privacy regulations and requirements in development of new processes and programs. Adam also responds to privacy-related complaints, concerns, and requests, and he supports the School of Dental Medicine’s EMR monitoring functions and any resulting investigations.

Shannon Kelmelis

Education and Training Coordinator

Phone: 860-679-4180

Shannon coordinates, maintains, and evaluates healthcare compliance and privacy education, training, and development efforts. Shannon assists subject matter experts with the development of effective awareness, education, and training options on a variety of healthcare compliance and privacy topics for the UConn Health community.

Bridget Richard

Administrative Officer

Phone: 860-679-4177

Bridget provides administrative support to the Office of Healthcare Compliance & Privacy, keeping the department prepared to pivot in UConn Health’s dynamic healthcare environment. Bridget coordinates the Sanctions and Exclusions program for UConn Health, working with management and vendors to address certain prohibitions that may affect UConn Health’s ability to partner in business relationships.

Paige Sullivan

Compliance Medical Auditor

Phone: 860-679-4024

As a Registered Nurse, Paige offers valuable clinical expertise and Electronic Medical Record agility essential to the healthcare compliance monitoring and auditing functions.  Paige focuses on evaluation of medical record documentation and process integrity for alignment with federal healthcare program payer requirements and other compliance-related expectations.

Melissa A. Walsh

Compliance Specialist

Phone: 860-679-3501

With expertise in coding and billing federal healthcare program payers, Melissa provides guidance and support in responding to inquiries and requests related to billing and receiving reimbursement from federal programs. In addition to contributing to assessment and design of proactive compliance activities, Melissa also performs healthcare compliance-related auditing, monitoring, and investigations.