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About Us

The Office of Healthcare Compliance and Privacy is a decentralized compliance unit at UConn Health focusing on compliance and privacy in the clinical environment. The Office of Healthcare Compliance and Privacy strives to support the UConn Health workforce to ensure compliance with UConn Health policies and laws governing the clinical enterprise.

Education and Training

We provide education and training to the UConn Health community on laws, regulations and institutional policies related to healthcare compliance and health information privacy. In addition to annual training on these topics, we offer impromptu and more targeted guidance to individuals and departments as needed (for example, to address specific HIPAA or other patient privacy concerns, or to ensure compliant implementation of new Medicare or Medicaid billing rules).

Healthcare Compliance

Our Healthcare Compliance team responds to inquiries from all UConn Health units and departments regarding compliant implementation of laws and regulations. Some of the common questions we address are questions related to documenting medical necessity of clinical services and appropriate coding and billing for those services. We also assist with interpreting payer coverage guidelines.

In addition, we work with clinical departments to identify and monitor potential risk areas and to improve policies and practices as needed. We also monitor government enforcement and auditing trends and use this data to develop and implement internal monitoring and other plans to enhance UConn Health’s compliance in targeted areas.

Lastly, we respond to reports of suspected non-compliance with federal healthcare program requirements and other laws as well as institutional policies.


Our Healthcare Privacy team works vigorously to uphold UConn Health’s strong commitment to protecting patient privacy. We serve as a resource to employees and patients alike, responding to privacy-related questions and concerns and investigating and responding to suspected privacy incidents. We monitor for compliance with HIPAA and other laws governing health information privacy and assist with developing and implementing appropriate privacy policies and procedures.