SisterTalk: Faith and Health in Action

Disseminating SisterTalk in New York

Funded by The Donaghue Foundation

This project is focused on the development and testing of a mobile application that would be used to enhance the dissemination and uptake of the SisterTalk Healthy Lifestyle program.

Contact: Judith Fifield, Ph.D.,

History of SisterTalk

The creation of the original SisterTalk Hartford was motivated by an interest on the part of Hartford’s African-American and Black church leaders to offer an effective solution to the obesity and weight problem in their congregations and communities. This effort represents a truly unique and groundbreaking collaboration among members of the Hartford community – a first-of-its-kind partnership between local healthcare leaders and leaders of the African-American clergy in downtown Hartford. Between 2002 and 2006, twelve African-American and Black churches from seven different denominations partnered with the UConn Health, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, and Brown University to develop and deliver this effective faith-based health promotion program for women. Funding to support the research and initial program phases of SisterTalk Hartford has been provided by the Patrick and Catherine Weldon Donaghue Medical Research Foundation and the Connecticut Health Foundation. The Ethel Donaghue Center for Translating Research into Practice and Policy (TRIPP Center) serves as the academic home of SisterTalk Hartford.

Since the end of the study that developed SisterTalk Hartford and demonstrated its effectiveness and feasibility, the program has continued to be used by churches in Hartford and elsewhere. Starting in 2007, the development of a Resource Center to sustain SisterTalk Hartford was begun by a coalition of groups interested in supporting obesity prevention and treatment programs, particularly those serving individuals at greatest risk, such as African-American and Black women.

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