Boys and Men of Color

Boys and men of color experience poor health outcomes and shorter lifespans due in large measure to social and economic drivers of health (such as our physical environments like lack of access to healthy foods, unaffordable insurance, and daily environmental stressors). Extensive research has shown that much of the conditions leading to premature mortality are amenable and are preventable. Often, the various solutions that are implemented to counteract these determinants of health outcomes result in incremental, rather than sustainable change. Missing from our dialogue are the voices of the community and specifically, boys and men of color.

Dr. Wizdom Powell, PhD and the UCONN Health Disparities Institute (HDI) team are launching several arts-based initiatives to advance health equity in CT. These events will begin in June during National Men’s Health Month and will focus initially on visualizing health equity for Boys and Men of Color.

HDI is starting the CT Boys and Men of Color Multi-Sector Alliance
The CT Boys and Men of Color Multi-Sector Alliance increases and coordinates investments, designs and implements innovative programs and promotes youth-led policy actions to address social drivers of health, well-being, and health equity. Alliance members include intergenerational representatives from cultural, spiritual and community organizations, along with private, public and academic sector stakeholders to guide and accelerate systems change for Boys and Men of Color.

images by CBABI BAYOC