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How Sleep-Savvy Are You?

If you won’t admit that you don’t get enough sleep, why are you lamenting losing an hour of sleep when we spring ahead this weekend?

Maybe you’re not exactly lamenting. After all, one hour of sleep on a Sunday morning may not be a huge price to pay for an extra hour of daylight for the next eight months. Still, there’s a good chance you could use more shut-eye.

As we prepare to set our clocks ahead one hour this weekend – that is, if we can still find any that don’t change on their own – here’s a quick quiz for you about sleep.

Sleep Quiz

Dr. Jennifer Kanaan
Dr. Adrian Salmon

Jennifer P. Kanaan, M.D.
UConn Health sleep medicine specialist

Dr. Kanaan is a pulmonary medicine physician who specializes is pediatric and adult sleep disorders.


Adrian A. Salmon, M.D.
UConn Health sleep medicine specialist

Dr. Salmon is a critical care physician with special interests including obstructive sleep apnea, home sleep studies, and telehealth services.

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