Message from the Assistant Director

Kerry-Ann Stewart, Ph.D.Kerry-Ann Stewart, Ph.D.

Assistant Director
Office of Health Career Opportunity Programs

The Department of Health Career Opportunity Programs at UConn Health has been instrumental in increasing the numbers of students from diverse backgrounds who graduate with a doctorate degree in medicine, dental medicine, and the biomedical sciences. The Department’s continued presence at local, regional and national conferences has attracted the best and brightest talents to UConn’s Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine and Graduate School. Through the Aetna Health Professions Partnership Initiative (HPPI), the Department has created a pipeline of programs and sponsors the annual Bridge to the Future Science Mentoring Conference. 

The Department of Health Career Opportunity Programs is committed to exposing students as early as middle school to areas of medicine and dental medicine, clinical and basic science research, and standardize test preparation for college, and medical or dental school admission. Through the Aetna HPPI, the Department continues to provide academic and career counseling; sponsor seminar series and workshops presented by UConn faculty and health professionals; and engage students in enrichment activities preparing them for careers in the health professions. Additionally, we continue to make a conscious effort to provide educational and health resources to the Greater Hartford community and to the entire state of Connecticut. 

It has certainly been gratifying to see students at every level transition to the next step in their education and careers. Through the Aetna HPPI Academic Year and Summer Closing Ceremonies and annual newsletter, the Department of Health Career Opportunity Programs continues to recognize and highlight the successes of our pipeline participants and medical and dental scholars. 

We invite you to be a part of our mission to develop future physicians, dentists, and biomedical researchers. If you are interested in learning more about the Department of Health Career Opportunity Programs, please contact us at 860-679-3483 or you may contact me at