Curriculum: Continuity Clinic

The Continuity Clinic is a critical part of a primary care residency experience. All our residents have office hours in general medical clinic one half-day each week, at a single practice site, for all three years of residency training, under the guidance of a specific faculty mentor. This system provides continuity with patients and faculty, and allows the resident to develop a professional relationship with patients over time, observe progression of disease, and improve the quality of their own care. Clinic is scheduled throughout all rotations unless the resident is post-call or on night float duty. On certain rotations, residents enrich their experience by having office hours in their continuity clinic practice two half-days per week.

A second continuity clinic is added during the PGY2 and PGY3 years, also meeting one-half day per week. This clinic can be scheduled in a medical subspecialty practice or a separate primary care site, such as a private office. This allows each resident to select additional exposure to a clinical area of interest.