Graduate Testimonials

The UConn Health MIGS fellowship provided top-notch training and allowed me the flexibility to practice doing what I love post fellowship. The two sites that are part of the fellowship complement each other well. The MIGS division at UConn Health provided high volume and a variety of pathology including endometriosis, fibroids, and reproductive related issues such as uterine anomalies and asherman’s syndrome. The multidisciplinary factor of the program in which I worked with gyn/onc, urogyn, and general surgery only enhanced my training. There was a great balance between straight stick laparoscopy and robotic surgery. I also got in depth exposure to complicated hysteroscopy as well. The faculty truly cared about both my personal and professional growth and are wonderful mentors. I am so grateful for my experience as a UConn MIGS fellow.

Megan F. Schmidt, M.D.

Megan F. Schmidt, M.D.
Graduate UConn Health MIGS Fellowship June 2020
Currently practicing in the Department of OB/GYN
Trinity Health of New England, Hartford, CT