Interview Process

As our applicants and faculty move together into uncharted territory this year, the faculty at UConn are working creatively to ensure the applicants’ experience is as seamless and informative as possible. We understand that applicants from other programs have not had the opportunity to get to know our program intimately through away rotations. Even our students here at the UConn School of Medicine have spent fewer hours in aggregate on service and at less opportune times. We are all in the same position.

For everyone, it seems there is less information out there. Complicating matters, we anticipate even more applicants than last year as students apply to more programs. All of this is occurring in an environment where the interview process will evolve into a new modality. Our position is to do our best to make information available to you and to provide access to our residents and staff as best as we can. To this end, we will keep the interview process as close to its routine as possible.

We intend to interview 18 applicants per day on Saturdays from late October through early January. On that day, the applicant will have access to several of our residents in a meeting room to ask questions. The questions asked of the residents who are present virtually will not be discussed with the faculty. In addition, each applicant will be invited to a two hour meet and greet with some of our residents the Friday evening before.

On Saturday, beginning at 8 a.m., the residents will have formal interviews with two of our faculty, myself and one of the chief residents. This process should end no later than noon. This process is always an exciting one for us as we meet and welcome our potential residents of the future. We hope to see you there.

Stephen Panaro, M.D.
Program Director