Interview Process

While the interview process has evolved, the intent has remained the same. Our goal is to provide the applicant the most transparent and comprehensive assessment of our residency that we can deliver. To that end, each candidate invited to participate with have the chance to meet with members of our department at every level.

While we understand that technical problems can arise despite your best efforts (and we hope you understand the same) we ask that you test your internet connections prior to the interview. If there is a technical problem beyond your control we will make every effort to make accommodations.

The interview experience will start the Friday evening before the scheduled date with a virtual happy hour with current residents. This time is for candidates to meet with them and get a true feel of our program from their perspective in a more relaxed atmosphere. While this cannot replace the experience of a dinner out (our former tradition), we hope it is a valuable substitute. Please note that questions asked of the residents either the evening before at the happy hour or informally during the interview day will not be discussed with the faculty. Those interactions are intended for the applicants benefit.

On Saturday, beginning at 8 a.m., the applicants will have formal interviews with two of our faculty, myself, and one of the chief residents. In between interviews, they will have the opportunity to ask additional questions of our residents in a group format and experience a brief virtual tour/slideshow. This process should end no later than noon. These days are always exciting ones for us as we meet and welcome our potential residents of the future. We hope to see you there.

Stephen Panaro, M.D., FASA
Program Director