Blackboad FAQ for Medical, Dental, and Graduate Students

Access to Blackboard and Course/Organization Sites

What do I need to access Blackboard?

You will need to know either your UConn Health email username and password or your assigned Blackboard username and password (non-UConn Health faculty and adjuncts) in order to login to Blackboard. If you cannot remember your UConn Health email username and password, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 860-679-4400.

For Blackboard assigned usernames and passwords, please contact Jason Nicosia,, 860-679-2573.

I cannot log in to Blackboard. What should I do?

Vist the Blackboard Change Password Instructions page.

I don't want to have to wait to start preparing my new course on blackboard, is there anything that I can do?

We can copy your "old" course shell to your new course shell by contacting Jason Nicosia at or 860-679-2573. Jason can also show you how you can accomplish this yourself by scheduling a one-on-one training session at your convenience.

I am teaching a course/organization, but it is not listed in my Blackboard course/organization list. What should I do?

For all courses, we would first ask that you contact the registrar. These individuals will ensure your course is included in the official listing of courses. If this has been done, please contact Jason Nicosia at or 860-679-2573.

Course/Organization Availability

When are students added to my program in Blackboard?

Student enrollments are set at the beginning of each academic year based upon the official class rosters as released by each respective school.

Students are NOT unenrolled from a course when they drop that course, even when such movement occurs during the designated add/drop period. It is the instructors responsibility to remove students who have dropped a particular course. View instructions on how to remove student accounts from your course.

Why can't students see my course/organization?

Courses/organizations must be made available in order for the students to see that they are enrolled in the course/organization.

How do I make my course/organization available to my students?

View instructions on how to make your course/organization available to students.

When do program sites in Blackboard become unavailable to students?

The default setting for courses/organizations is for them to be unavailable. Once you have made your course/organization available it will remain available unless you make it unavailable. View instructions on how to make your course/organization available/unavailable to students.

How do I remove a course/organization from my Blackboard list?

Courses and organizations cannot be manually deleted from the system by an instructor. If you contact Jason Nicosia at or 860-679-2573, he will be happy to assist you with archiving your old materials and removing an obsolete site from the system. Courses and organizations that have not been used in 3 academic years are deleted at the beginning of the 4th academic year.

Course/Organization Content and Appearance

How do I add content to my course/organization?

View Blackboard Course Content Guide on how to add content to your course or organization in Blackboard.

How do I turn on my Visual Text Box Editor?

Your Java must be up to date to see the Text Box Editor. To update your Java go to and install the latest version of Java 6. Java 5 support has ended and is no longer supported. Those who contact the FITS team requesting support on the Visual Text Box Editor will be asked to download the latest Java version.

Students cannot open files I posted on Blackboard? How can they access them?

Users must have their plug-ins installed and up-to-date.

Why can't my students open the Word documents that I've posted on Blackboard?

If your document has any of the following extensions: ".docx, .pptx, or .xlsx". (Office 2007 and above) then students will be unable to open the file if they have any Office version lower than Office 2007. To avoid this issue when working in Office 2007 or above, choose "Save As" and then choose to save the item in a 97-2003 format. This will ensure your file can be read by ALL versions of Microsoft Office.

Can I change the course/organization content menu on the left side of the screen when in a Blackboard course/organization?

To customize the menu on the left side, use the drag and drop feature to the left of each menu name. You can also rename, hide or delete and menu item by clicking the double drop down arrows next to each menu item. Note: If you delete a menu item, you delete ALL the content within that menu item.

I cannot play a Quicktime Video (.mov). What do I do?

Please ensure that the QuickTime plug-in has been installed on your computer. To install or update your QuickTime plug-in, go to

Can I move documents from one area of my site to another?

Yes, to do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the double drop down arrows next to any item you want to move.
  2. If you want to delete the content and move the content click "Move."
  3. If you want to keep the content in the current location and copy the content to a new location, click "Move."
  4. Select the destination.
  5. Click the "Browse" button, select the area you want to move or copy the content to.
  6. Finally, click the "Submit" button.

What is the size limit for uploading files to Blackboard sites?

There is no hard and fast limit, however our experience has shown that following the guidelines below will result in a positive experience for your There is no hard and fast limit, however our experience has shown that following the guidelines below will result in a positive experience for your students:

  • Keeping file sizes to 10 MB or below results in faster viewing for students and these files can be easily downloaded.
  • We recommend keeping PowerPoint files to 8 MB or less. Anything above this threshold can cause the file to download slowly and students have reported PowerPoint crashing.
  • Video files should be uploaded with caution. We recommend contacting Jason Nicosia at for assistance with video files.
  • Make sure that whatever files you upload - the player to view those files is easily accessible and free. Don't upload any proprietary files that need viewers or software that must be paid for.

Who has access to the media, documents, and materials contained within my site?

Any user enrolled in the Blackboard course/organization will have access to the media that you have made available within the Blackboard course/organization.

Can I control who sees what material and when they can see it?

You can set time and date restrictions as well as make any items available and unavailable within your Blackboard site. In short, you control the visibility of all materials posted within your program. Please see our Blackboard Course Content Guide on how this feature works in Blackboard.

User Access

My students do not see my site once they login to Blackboard.

Make sure the course/organization is available and the student is enrolled in the course/organization. To do this:

  • Make sure that your course/organization has been made "Available". View instructions on how to make your course/organization available.
  • Make sure the user is enrolled in your course/organization. View instructions on how to see who is enrolled in your course/organization.

A user in my program cannot log in to Blackboard. What should he or she do?

Most likely, they will need their password reset. View instructions on changing/resetting passwords.

A user in my program is not receiving my Blackboard emails. What is wrong?

Make sure they are enrolled in your Blackboard course/organization and that their email in Blackboard is set to send to their correct email address.

Managing Users

How do I view a list of the students enrolled in my course/organization?

View instructions on how to see who is enrolled in your course/organization.

How do I allow guests to access my course/organization?

We do not allow guest access into Blackboard courses or organizations as a general rule. If you need an account created for an individual outside of UConn Health, please email your request to Jason Nicosia at or 860-679-2573.

We will need the person's name, their email address (preferably their academic email address), and the reason and duration they need access to your course/organization. We will make an eligibility determination within 48 business hours and respond back to the requester with the decision.