The UConn Health Fire Department is dedicated to the protection of lives and property from the effects of fire, smoke, hazardous materials discharge, natural disasters, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction events, and any other uncontrolled event which may negatively impact the UConn Health community. The safety of patients, staff, and visitors of UConn Health are its primary objective. UConn Health also offers its services in the form of mutual aid to its neighbors in the surrounding communities.

The mission is accomplished by the men and women of the UConn Health Fire Department through their professional conduct and training in the areas of fire prevention, inspection, suppression, hazardous materials management, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and emergency medical service response.


UConn Health Fire Department will be recognized as a leader among university public safety organizations for its professionalism, excellence, and innovation. UConn Health Fire Department personnel will be commended for building mutual trust and respect in every interaction because it treats customers with dignity, and demonstrates genuine concern for the welfare and rights of every individual. We will distinguish ourselves for the high quality of our communication, training, personnel, and for the appropriateness and timeliness of our response to our customers. We will have earned a reputation as a highly motivated, diverse, and professional team dedicated to the safety of the entire UConn Health community.


  • Integrity and honesty
  • Professionalism, training and diversity
  • Highest moral and ethical behavior
  • Trust and respect for the protection of dignity, worth, and individual rights
  • Courteous and responsive
  • Accountability and self-evaluation
  • Open communication
  • Teamwork and partnership