Financial Aid Forms

For the upcoming academic year that will begin in fall 2021, please complete a 2021-2022 FAFSA. You can find the FAFSA on-line at  You may also complete a FAFSA using the Department of Education's mobile app, available for Apple and Android devices.  Provide responses to all questions and complete all sections. 

Review the Financial Aid Checklist to determine what forms and documents are required for the type(s) of aid you are applying for. If you are planning on applying for institutional aid; a completed institutional aid application along with a completed FAFSA with parental information must be submitted on or before February 15,2021 to be considered on time.

Students are encouraged to submit their documents securely by using the document upload.  Alternatively, forms may be faxed to (860) 679-1902, mailed or deposited in our secure drop box located outside our office.


2021-2022 Forms



Please complete this form on-line.  After submitting the form, please print the signature page then have a parent sign it.

Non-Tax Filer Statements

Student Health Plan

  • Contact Katie Kruszewski Foundation Health Account Manager at or (860) 430-3338.

Sibling Enrollment Verification Forms

Sibling enrollment forms determine your sibling's enrollment status for the upcoming fall 2021 semester.  This form will be available in the fall of 2021.

  • 2021-2022 Sibling Enrollment Verification Form

Federal Student Aid

Miscellaneous Forms