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Travel Frequently Asked Questions

How do I process a registration and what forms do I need?

Make an appointment via phone or the outlook mailbox and secure a time. Bring with you a completed Travel Authorization with all approved signatures and all corresponding paperwork (for example, conference brochures, meals provided, registration requirements including courses, etc.)

What is Procurement paperwork and where do I obtain it?

The procurement paperwork is required when requesting an honorarium. You can find this paperwork on the Procurement website.


How do I receive reimbursement for travel expenses?

Send all receipts, reimbursement expense form, and authorized Travel Authorization to general accounting at MC 5305 for processing.


How do I obtain a travel advance?

Completed Travel Authorization with all approved signatures must be sent with a travel advance request form to the travel office.


Where do I pickup a travel advance?

All advances are picked-up at the Travel and Cash Management office, located in Munson Road, 2nd floor. Your UConn ID is required when picking up your advance. You will be notified by email or phone call to let you know when the check is ready.


Who authorizes the Travel Authorization?

The traveler, department head, and Senior administrator, need to approve and authorize the Travel Authorization.


How is resident and non-employee travel processed?

All resident and non-employees must use their personal credit card to book via Sanditz.