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Travel Advances

Travel advances are available on all out of state and foreign travel with applicable costs greater than $300. A request for a travel (cash) advance must be indicated on the Travel Authorization Form. A Travel Advance Request Form must accompany the authorized TA and sent to Travel Office, at least 5 business days prior to the departure date. The advance criterion does not include airfare or registration expenses, which are eligible for direct payment by UConn Health. Travel advances are for out-of-pocket expenses.

75% of All Other Costs

“All other costs” may not include air tickets, rental car, or any other form of direct payment including prepaid registration fees. The check, made payable to the employee, must be picked up by the payee or a designated person authorized in writing by the payee. It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure that the advance is in their possession prior to departure.

The Travel Office will not release a check without a valid UConn Health ID Badge.

Failure to submit a reimbursement or to repay an advance may jeopardize future travel advances.  In general, employees with outstanding advances are not eligible to receive additional advances.  The request will be held until such time as the outstanding balance has been paid or a reimbursement request has been filed with the General Accounting Office.

Payment with University Procurement Card

Registrations to be paid by Procurement Card require an advance appointment. Appointments can be made via Outlook. Select: File -> Open -> Other user’s folder. Type in the first few letters of “travel” -> Folder: Calendar… schedule appointment accordingly.

The department administrator requesting the prepaid registration must come prepared to enter into the designated conference website all required details for the traveler on each particular prepaid registration. Please note, use of the prepaid credit card is for registrations ONLY and requires a completed TA.

Package deal registrations where registration, hotel, and/or meals are combined in the conference fee will be allowed. Otherwise, hotels and all other costs must be filled out and accounted for on an approved Travel Authorization Form. A copy of the authorized TA’s and conference paperwork must accompany all registration appointments.

Personal Payments for Registration Fees

Conference registrations paid by personal credit card or personal check will not be reimbursed until after the conference has taken place.

UConn Health Reimbursed Out-of-Pocket Expenses Available Advance Amount
$300- $500 $250
$501- $1250 $500
$1,251- $1,000