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Travel Advances

Travel advances are available for out‐of‐state and international trips with out of pocket costs of more than $300. To obtain an advance, employees must sign a travel advance agreement that permits UConn Health to recover, through a payroll deduction, any amount of an advance that exceeds the final reimbursement to which the employee is entitled. However, this deduction from payroll is only used when the payment is not received from the employee in a timely manner. Students may also obtain travel advances, but student advances are the responsibility of the sponsoring department. In all cases, in the event that the Travel Office is ultimately unable to recover a travel advance, the unrecovered balance will be charged to the traveler’s department.

Travel advances are limited to 75% of estimated costs, excluding those costs that are eligible to be paid directly by the UConn Health (such as air tickets, conference registration fees, or rental car). Advances will be made for 75% of allowable other costs based on the chart ranges shown below. The check, made payable to the employee, must be picked up by the payee or a designated person authorized in writing by the payee. It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure that the advance is in their possession prior to departure. A Travel Advance Request Form must accompany the authorized TA and sent to Travel Office, at least 5 business days prior to the departure date.

The Travel Office will not release a check without a valid UConn Health ID Badge.

Advances will not be issued more than 10 days prior to the departure date. Failure to submit a reimbursement claim or to repay the balance of an advance that exceeds the allowable reimbursement for a trip in a timely manner may jeopardize an employee’s ability to obtain future advances. Advances may not be issued when an employee has an outstanding advance balance for more than 15 business days or an existing cash advance for which a reimbursement request has been due for more than 15 business days. Once the outstanding balance has been paid or a reimbursement request has been filed with the Travel Office, the advance request may be processed. Exceptions may be made for back to back trips. Exceptions will be at the discretion of the Travel Office and documented on the Travel Advance Request Form.

UConn Health Reimbursed Out-of-Pocket Expenses Available Advance Amount
$300-$500 $250
$501-$1,250 $500
$1,251- $1,000

Travel Advance Request Form