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Detailed Criteria of Allowable Registration Expenses

Individuals should attend events which have direct benefits to either their work performance or enhances UConn Health’s reputation in the community. Events which enhance work performance include programs which improve the individual’s basic, general and specific knowledge related to the medical profession. Events which enhance UConn Health’s reputation include programs where the individual is presenting the results of their research, receiving an honoree degree, and attending a doctorate thesis defense.

Travelers may use UConn Health funds to pre-pay conference registration fees. Alternatively, travelers may be reimbursed for registration fees.
Sometimes meals, hotel accommodations, or additional fees for other goods and services may be included in a registration fee. Travelers will not be reimbursed separately for these—that is, travelers will not be reimbursed twice for the same thing.

Prepaid registration fees for conference registration may be paid either with:

  • UConn Health’s Travel Office Card
  • Personal check or credit card payment

Payment with UConn Health’s Travel Office Card

You can request that UConn Health pays the registration cost up front.

A copy of the authorized TA’s and conference paperwork must accompany all registration appointments.

Registrations to be paid by the UCH Procurement Card require one business day advance email sent to the Travel and Cash Management mailbox. Upon receipt of an APPROVED TA with appropriate back up a Travel and Cash Management representative will send a confirmation email to book an appointment on the Travel and Cash Management calendar.

To book on the Travel and Cash Management calendar. Please follow the steps below:

Outlook. Select: New Meeting -> Add> Then select a subject and location (ex. Teams/Webex)-> Attach TA to the appointment and hit send.

The traveler and/or department administrator requesting the prepaid registration must be prepared during the designated time slot to enter all pertinent information into the conference website in order to finalize the registration. Please note: Use of the prepaid credit card is for registrations or package deals registrations only.

Package deal registrations where registrations, hotel, and/or meals are combined in the conference fee will be allowed. Otherwise, hotels and all other costs must be filled out and accounted for on an approved Travel Authorization Form.

Please send confirmation of all registrations booked with the UCH Procurement card to the Travel and Cash Management mailbox. Within one business day of booking the registration.

Personal Payments for Registration Fees

Conference registrations may be paid directly by the traveler. However, please note that registrations by the traveler are not eligible for reimbursement until after the conference has taken place and proof of attendance is supplied. To be reimbursed, travelers must retain and submit original receipts that support proof of payment.

Reminder: A brochure/schedule of events which supports the business purpose of attending the event and provides information on meals and lodging is required to be attached to the reimbursement package supplied to General Accounting.