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Proof of Payment

For all reimbursement questions, please contact a UConn Health Staff Accountant.

For most items, you will need an original hard-copy receipt that includes detailed information about the expense and provides proof of payment. If the receipt does not provide proof of payment, you will need to provide additional information (canceled check, or proof of credit card charge).

In all cases, the receipt needs to be sufficiently detailed (amount, date, place, type of expense: who, what, where, when, why). A hotel bill should call out valid reimbursable charges, i.e. lodging and taxes, versus other costs such as meals, phone calls, dry cleaning, entertainment, etc.

Tear-off guest checks typically issued by restaurants will not be acceptable if they are not sufficiently detailed. Most restaurants can provide a detailed receipt from the register. A copy of your monthly credit card statement without other documentation is not considered valid because it does not provide sufficiently detailed information.

Purchases made electronically (via the Internet) must be substantiated via hard copy if you want to be reimbursed. Before you press the “send” or “enter” key, you may need to print the details of the purchase from your computer screen. Again, a copy of your monthly credit card statement is not a valid receipt.

If the receipt does not indicate how you paid the expense, you must also provide additional documentation to show proof of payment (such as your canceled check, copy of your credit card statement, statement from vendor re: cash payment made). If you are submitting your credit card statement as proof of payment, please block out your account number and, if you wish, those charges/credits on the statement that do not apply. Please do not block out your name. If the purchase was made via credit card, you may request reimbursement before you actually pay your credit card company.

If you did not pay for the expense, you may not seek reimbursement. Incentives such as frequent flyer miles, vouchers, coupons, gift cards, and other non-cash incentives do not constitute and will not be accepted as proof of payment.