Electronic Reimbursements Submission

Electronic Submittal of Travel, Mileage, and Miscellaneous Reimbursements

OVERVIEW: Due to COVID-19, the finance department has revised the way travel, mileage, and miscellaneous reimbursements will be processed for the duration of the social distancing initiative. For a temporary time, the finance office will be accepting electronics submission of travel, mileage, and miscellaneous reimbursements.

All reimbursements will need to be e-mailed as a PDF document to the following e-mail address: generalaccounting@uchc.edu



Please keep in mind the following requirements:

  • If a paper copy has already been submitted to finance, please do not send an electronic copy
  • All documents should be scanned into 1 PDF file (with multiple pages)
  • All supporting documents should be included, as per usual reimbursements. These include:
    • Properly filled out reimbursement forms
    • Travel Authorization request with appropriate signatures
    • All original receipts should be copied
    • Proof of payment for each expense
    • Additional documentation supporting the trip (agenda)
    • Copies of airline tickets, hotel invoices, train tickets, etc.
    • Please provide copy of the MapQuest printout for mileage reimbursements
  • Authorized signatures (either digitally signed forms or hand signed. We will not accept typed signature)
  • If traveler’s personal credit card is used, please make sure to meet the following requirements:
  • Redacted credit card statement linking ONLY the last 4 digits to the traveler’s name
    • All other unwanted personal information should be hidden/redacted
    • Only transaction that is being asked to be reimbursed should be showing
  • The finance office reserves the right to request original receipts
  • Once an electronic reimbursement is submitted, please do NOT send in a paper copy as well
  • Please note that all other reimbursement requirements are still applicable.

All travelers seeking reimbursement need to make the following statement in the comments section:

During Covid-19, I am working remotely and do not have the ability to supply original receipts to Finance. Attached are the scanned receipts. I am not seeking reimbursement from a third party for these expenses. I understand scanned receipts are an allowable exception only during Covid-19”.