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Policies and Procedures

UConn Health had adopted a new Travel and Entertainment Policy. The new policy contains changes from prior practice and users should familiarize themselves with the new policy before submitting TA requests. In the upcoming days, Finance will be updating these pages to be in line with the new policy so check back frequently for additional information.

Prior Authorization

Prior authorization to the traveler from the dean, director, or department head is required for all travel. Travel Authorization Form is used for this purpose and is signed by the traveler as well as the traveler’s direct supervisor/department head. If trip is grant funded, approved grant signatures must be on the Travel Authorization (TA) before arriving to the Travel Office. All TA’s must have the appropriate business unit approver’s signature (see below) to be valid.

If a trip is no cost to the state, a TA is required, and the traveler and supervisor/department head signatures are required. The TA is filed in department and a copy sent to Travel Office.

All TA’s must be submitted to the Travel Office. Remember that only APPROVED TA’s can be given out to travel agencies or online search engines to purchase airfare. If TA goes into default for denial of trip and trip was prematurely booked, the defaulting department will be charged for the airfare they committed to.

The Travel Authorization Form must be submitted to the Travel Office at least five days prior to the date of departure for:

  • All travel utilizing Sanditz and the UConn Health credit card
  • All travel which includes any third party funding.  Note that the TA must clearly describe both the funding source and amount expected to be contributed
  • All trips for which a travel advance is requested.
  • All trips for which a parking pass is requested.

Note: The duration of business related travel should be kept to the minimum time necessary to conduct “official business” and allow reasonable travel connections.


In order to ensure that travel expenses are limited to only necessary trips, the following must be followed for all travel:

  1. Travel is not allowed on general funded accounts.
  2. All travel is to be pre-approved through completion of TA documents before travelers depart.
  3. All UConn Health employees who travel must complete a TA.
  4. A complete and detailed justification must be included in the Business Purpose section of the TA.
  5. TA’s should be routed to immediate supervisors and then to authorized business unit approvers (detailed below):
  6. Personal time, requested vacation time, and any amounts expected to be funded by third parties must be properly noted on the TA before all approvers sign off.
Unit Approver Alternate Approver
School of Medicine Donna McKenty Mark Siraco
Residency – Medicine Mark Siraco Donna McKenty
School of Dental Medicine John Brigada Donna McKenty
UConn John Dempsey Hospital Kevin Larsen

AnnMarie Capo

Jeff Geoghegan
UConn Medical Group Anne Horbatuck
Denis Lafreniere, M.D.
Jeff Geoghegan
Institutional Support/CAS Carolle Andrews Jeff Geoghegan
Correctional Managed Health Care Gail Johnson Jeff Geoghegan
OVPR – Research Administration Julie Schwager Jeff Geoghegan
Human Resources John Peeples Jeff Geoghegan
Office of the General Counsel Brian White Carolle Andrews

Contracted Travel Agency

Sanditz Travel Management logo

The Sanditz Travel Agency is for employee and guest travel only. Residents and non-employees are able to book with Sanditz Travel using their own credit cards. Student travel is allowed and must be handled by setting up the student as a Guest in the profile.

Note: When booking airline tickets with our travel agent it is important to indicate that you are from the UConn Health, Farmington campus. This will reduce errors.