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Parking at Bradley International Airport

Disclaimer: The State Employee Parking Program is suspended. Parking passes will not be issued at this time. We will provide an update as situation changes.


Parking is available at Bradley International Airport when traveling on official State business. Parking must be in the State approved lot. You are responsible for requesting and obtaining a free parking pass from the Travel and Cash Management Office.

Fourteen-day parking permits are available to employees on UConn Health business for Bradley International Airport. The permits allow state employees to park in designated lots. If a traveler does not request a parking permit or fails to secure the permit from the Travel and Cash Management Office before departure, the traveler will be responsible for his or her own parking expenses and the parking expenses will not be reimbursed.

You must email the Travel and Cash Management Office and say that a “parking permit is requested” for the traveler using Bradley International Airport. The parking permit will be prepared in the Travel and Cash Management Office based upon the business dates of the trip on the Travel Authorization and will be mailed out prior to the trip. It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure that they have the permit in their possession prior to departure.

A parking permit is only valid for the length of the business travel, with a limit of up to fourteen (14) days. Any parking fees incurred beyond that will be the responsibility of the individual at the time they exit the parking facility. Parking fees after 14 days will be reimbursable.

Please be advised that the “dates of authorized travel” should be the beginning and ending dates of travel on State business only. Additional dates of travel on either end of a business trip, or additional dates of travel due to early departure from Bradley or delayed arrival returning to Bradley do not qualify as business travel dates according to the guidelines of the employee parking program.

Parking in lots at Bradley other than the State lot will not be reimbursed. View the map of Bradley International Airport, to see where you should park.

Please be advised that the availability of parking in Lot 2 for State employees traveling on State business is being eliminated because of terminal roadway realignment project that is in progress and will be ongoing through the end of the calendar year, weather permitting. Moving forward. employees traveling on business can park in Lot 3 or the new Express Lot 1, which is located on Terminal Road just past the main Terminal “A” on the right.  New maps will accompany all parking permits with these specifics noted for your reference.  All existing permits will remain valid as they authorize parking in Lots 3 and 1.

For more information, contact: Travel and Cash Management Office at 860-679-3934