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Non-Reimbursable Travel Expenses

Items that will not be reimbursed:

  • Transportation of any kind between an employee’s home and official worksite.
  • Transportation via private livery service.
  • For local taxis near duty station.
  • Parking at Bradley International Airport.
  • Passport, visa, and associated travel document fees.
  • Meals during personal time taken during the trip.
  • Purchase of alcoholic beverages.  No alcohol may be purchased with UConn Health funds.
  • Costs for personal items, prescriptions, toiletries, and laundry.
  • Parking fines, traffic violation tickets or other fines.
  • Interest on credit cards.
  • Flight insurance to protect the traveler from penalties due to missed flight.
  • First class airfare, including the domestic leg of an international trip.
  • Additional airfare charges for extra leg room.
  • Additional airfare charges for pre-boarding.
  • Lodging charges the day the conference ends if location is east of the Mississippi.
  • Personal expenses such as newspapers, magazines, dry cleaning, and repairs to a personally-owned automobile.
  • Personal expenses such as childcare or pet boarding fees.
  • Costs for theater tickets, guest meals, entertainment and similar extraordinary expenses will not be reimbursed unless such charges relate directly to the purpose of the trip and are documented and approved as part of the original travel authorization. Any expenditure that requires an exception approval may not be charged to ledger 5 Federal Funds.

Unused Tickets

Tickets purchased by UConn Health remain UConn Health property, and may not be used for personal purposes.

UConn Health will not reimburse a traveler for an unused ticket purchased by the traveler using their personal funds.If the traveler purchased a ticket using a UConn Health-contracted travel agency, who billed UConn Health, then the traveler’s department should contact the agency to determine if the ticket is reusable. If the ticket is reusable, the department will need to track the ticket and use it for the traveler’s next trip. If the ticket is refundable, the agency will apply the credit to the UConn Health’s procurement card number on file. Please be aware that many airlines have either changed to non-refundable tickets or charging significant ticket change fees.  Forfeited amounts will be charged back tot he applicable UConn Health department.