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Mileage Reimbursement Calculation Examples

For all reimbursement questions, please contact a UConn Health Staff Accountant.

For Travel in Personal Vehicles

At UConn Health there are two common methods of supporting the mileage driven: the mileage matrix and use of MapQuest or similar computerized mapping systems. The mileage matrix is a list posted on the website of Connecticut towns and their distance from Farmington. So a traveler who departs from Farmington and travels to an offsite work station and then returns to Farmington can use the matrix. Those trips which do not depart or return to Farmington are normally supported by a MapQuest (or other similar) program set of directions.

Mileage Reimbursement Rate

Mileage reimbursement will be at the rate specified in collective bargaining contracts for those employees covered by union contracts. In the absence of a union contract, mileage reimbursement will be at the prevailing Federal GSA Rate (Privately Owned Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement Rate) at the time travel occurred.

As of January 30th, 2023, the GSA rate is $.655 per mile. The prior year’s July 1st rate was $.625 per mile and January 28th rate was $.585 per mile.

Miscellaneous Operating Expenses

Tolls will only be paid with an original itemized receipt. If E-Z Pass is used, the E-Z pass statement listing toll usage servers as a receipt. E-Z Pass Customer Service Center: 1-800-333-TOLL (8655).

The general rule is that parking will be paid only with an original itemized receipt.

  • The exception is parking at Bradley International Airport. Free parking is available at Bradley International Airport when traveling on official State business. Parking must be in the State approved lot. You are responsible for requesting a free parking pass from the Travel Office.
  • You must email the Travel Office and say that a “PARKING PERMIT IS REQUESTED” for the traveler using Bradley International Airport. The parking permit will be prepared in the Travel Office and will be available for pick up. It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure that they have the permit in their possession prior to departure.
  • A parking permit is only valid for the length of the business travel, with a limit of up to fourteen (14) days. Any parking fees incurred beyond that will be the responsibility of the individual at the time they exit the parking facility. Parking fees after 14 days will be reimbursable.
  • Parking in lots at Bradley International Airport other than the State lot will not be reimbursed. View map of Bradley International Airport Parking.

Parking at other airports is reimbursable provided that the traveler documents that the Airfare, mileage and parking incurred to use an airport other than Bradley International Airport results in a lower total cost for UConn Health than would be achieved by flying out of Bradley International Airport.

There are Limits on the Maximum Reimbursement

  • Reimbursement cannot exceed airfare to the same destination. Any comparisons to air fares, for any purpose, will be based upon assumed flight origin at Bradley International Airport.
  • Additional meals and other travel expenses due to the use of an automobile in lieu of public transportation will not be allowed if their inclusion would raise the cost of the automobile trip above the airfare to the same destination.

View the Mileage Calculation page to see examples that illustrate the Mileage Calculation Policy.

When requesting a mileage reimbursement claims for mileage between UConn Health work sites, it should be submitted on a Mileage Reimbursement Form. Claims associated with other business travel expenses should be submitted on the Travel Reimbursement Form associated with that trip.