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Reminder: To be reimbursed, all travelers must retain and submit original receipts that support proof of payment. The lodging expenses that qualify for reimbursement by UConn Health are:

Detailed Criteria of Allowable Lodging Expenses

When overnight accommodations are required to conduct official UConn Health business, reimbursement for lodging will be the actual cost of lodging at the lowest reasonable cost available, as determined by the trip’s circumstances. Any lodging expense that exceeds the federal per diem lodging rate by more than fifty percent (excluding taxes) requires the approval of the UConn Health Senior Leader, or designee. Lodging provided through a conference may exceed the federal per diem rate by more than fifty percent (excluding taxes), provided the conference rate was obtained when registering.

For domestic out-of-state travel west of the Mississippi, travelers may receive reimbursement for expenses incurred the morning after the conference ends.