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Guest and Candidate Travel

The Guest/Candidate Travel Form must be used for any/all guests or candidates coming to the University. These forms acknowledge the individual, their expenses, departmental and/or research finance approvals, must be obtained in order to complete the process.

The form must be completed in its entirety, including Social Security number (SSN). The SSN is used to debar these individuals as discussed below. View our example of how a completed Guest/Candidate Travel Form, should be filled out.

It is the responsibility of the host department to submit an original completed/and fully approved Guest/Candidate Travel Form to the Travel Office. If an honorarium is requested, procurement paperwork must accompany the Guest/Candidate Travel form. The Financial Administrative Supervisor will approve, upon the debarment search.


All guests/candidates must be debarred before coming to UConn Health.

Government-Wide Non-Procurement Debarment and Suspension Common Rule (Executive Order 12549 and 5 CFR Part 970), the Administrative Sanctions Branch debars from participation in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) health care providers who have lost professional licensure; 2) been convicted of a crime related to delivery of or payment for health care services; 3) violated provisions of a federal program, or 4) are debarred by another federal agency.

The names of health care providers who have been debarred by OPM are published in the General Services Administration’s “Government-Wide List of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement and No procurement Programs,” which is accessible on the Internet.


All honorariums are considered taxable. A request for payment of honorarium requires Procurement paperwork, submitted with Guest/Candidate Travel Form.

Contracts will no longer be required for most guest speaker arrangements, regardless of dollar value. The payment of honoraria for regular speaking engagements can be handled via purchase order, with no need for a contract, even if the payment exceeds $3,000. Contracts will still be required for guest speakers who will be performing any high-risk activities, such as demonstrations involving chemicals or hazardous materials, or the use of UConn Health clinical or lab equipment. In addition, guest speaker engagements will continue to be subject to our statutory bidding requirements.

Guest/Candidate Airfare

Coach fare is required. If airfare is purchased through a UConn Health contracted agency and is to be paid for with UConn Health funds, check the appropriate box on the Guest Travel Authorization Form. This form must be submitted to the Financial Administrative Supervisor in the Travel Office (MC 5112) three (3) weeks before the scheduled visit, or within three (3) business days of booking the airline reservation, whichever is earlier.

Airline reservations for UConn Health guests can be made through our contracted vendor Sanditz.

If the guest purchases his/her own airline ticket: Clearly mark on the Guest/Candidate Travel Form that the ticket was purchased by the guest/candidate, to ensure proper reimbursement.

Instructions on How to Complete the Guest Travel Authorization Form

Download our example of how a completed Guest/Candidate Travel Form, should be filled out.

Department or Search Committee

Name of the department sponsoring the guest and the department telephone number.

Guest Host

Name of the guest host or the individual who submits this request and his/her office location.

Guest Name, Social Security Number, and Citizenship

Name, SSN of the guest, check appropriate box for citizenship. Non-Resident Alien – an Alien Information Collection Form must be completed.

Business Purpose of Visit to UConn Health

  • The guest will be traveling from.
  • Scheduled visit dates.

Itemized Costs

  • Air Fare: Round trip air fare.
  • Lodging: Total cost of lodging, the daily rate and the number of nights. Do not include taxes.
  • Meals: Non-employee meal allowance rate is $50.00 per day with receipts.
  • Dinner with Guest: Indicate how many attendees.
  • Rental Car: Total cost of renting a car.
  • Honorarium: Enter amount to be paid to the guest.
  • Mileage: Enter total round trip mileage.
  • Other: Specify other travel expenses which related to the guest’s visit.

Total Paid for Guest

This line indicates the total cost paid directly by UConn Health.

  • Account coding to be charged
  • Department head and business unit approver signature and date
  • Financial administrative supervisor signature and date
  • Signed by the Bursar