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All Other Associated Costs

Detailed Criteria of All Other Expenses

To be reimbursed, all travelers must retain and submit original receipts that support proof of payment. Other expenses that may qualify for reimbursement by UConn Health are:

Telephone/Internet/Fax Fees

  • Charges for telephone calls made for official UConn Health business while traveling are reimbursable, unless the employee has a UConn Health issued cell phone or cell phone stipend that includes a voice tier option.
  • Travelers may receive reimbursement for charges for internet access, use of a fax machine, use of a computer, and other similar business services if required to conduct UConn Health business.
    • Travelers should submit documentation and receipts for expenses incurred for these services with the Travel Reimbursement Form.
    • For telephone calls, travelers should document the destination and rate for all calls, and submit this with the Travel Reimbursement Form. If a traveler with a UConn Health cell phone or stipend seeks reimbursement for telephone charges, he or she must justify the need for the calls on the Travel Reimbursement Form.

Baggage Fees

If there is a charge for checked baggage, the cost for the first two bags checked will be reimbursed. Additional baggage fees will only be reimbursed if the traveler provides written justification for the excess baggage, and receives written approval by the appropriate UConn Health Senior leader.

Travelers will be reimbursed for baggage handling gratuities at a rate of $5 for day of departure and $5 for day of return. The total of gratuities for baggage handling, maid service, bell hops and other similar gratuities will only be reimbursed in the aggregate at $5 for day of departure and $5 for day of return. If the per diem method for meals is selected for reimbursement, these gratuities cannot be claimed, as they are already included in the incidental expense reimbursement portion of the per diem.

Foreign Currency Rates as Per Diem Reimbursement

When traveling outside the U.S., travelers will receive the foreign per diem rates for the duration of their trip. Of note, foreign per diem rates include a significant daily incidental expense reimbursement for items such as laundry and dry cleaning.
Travelers will be reimbursed for expenses paid in foreign currencies, and for currency exchange fees, based on the exchange rate for the date marked on their receipts.
To receive reimbursement, travelers should convert all foreign currency receipts to U.S. dollars using the exchange rate for the date marked on their receipts.  UConn Health uses when converting currency amounts.

Other Expenses

Gratuities for porters, bellhops, etc. may be claimed by non-union and some union employees (depending on union regulations).  Amounts are capped at $10 for a single trip, $5 for the outbound day and $5 for the day of return travel. The total may not be added to any gratuities referred to elsewhere in the travel policy.

Expenses not covered by the preceding paragraphs, but incurred in conjunction with the performance of official State business may be paid if justified.