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Restrictions on Foreign Travel

Examples: Federal research awards, Federal pass through awards, and other awards with restrictions on foreign travel.

It is the travelers’ and principal investigators’ responsibility to make sure that when foreign travel is booked, the air fare is booked on a U.S. flag carrier. The U.S. flag carrier regulations require that a U.S. carrier be used to the final destination or, in the absence of a direct or through service, to the farthest interchange point on all foreign trips charged to a federal research award. Foreign travel includes travel outside the U.S. Canada is considered to be foreign travel.

U.S. carriers have “code sharing” arrangements with many foreign airlines. It is imperative that the ticket or documentation for an electronic ticket identify the U.S. carrier’s designator code and flight number when using a code sharing arrangement.

Note: Confirmations that identify the foreign carrier and its flight number do not meet the U.S. flag carrier guidelines and will be rejected. Only original ticket (electronic or paper) will be accepted.