Senior Level Approvers


In order to ensure that travel expenses are limited to only necessary trips, the following must be followed for all travel:

  1. Travel is not allowed on general funded accounts.
  2. All travel is to be pre-approved through completion of TA documents before travelers depart.
  3. All UConn Health employees who travel must complete a TA.
  4. A complete and detailed justification must be included in the Business Purpose section of the TA.
  5. TA’s should be routed to immediate supervisors and then to authorized business unit approvers (detailed below):
  6. Personal time, requested vacation time, and any amounts expected to be funded by third parties must be properly noted on the TA before all approvers sign off.
Unit Approver Alternate Approver
School of Medicine Donna McKenty Paige Dunion
Residency – Medicine Melissa Demetro John Brigada
School of Dental Medicine John Brigada Melissa Demetro
UConn John Dempsey Hospital Bruce Liang

Caryl Ryan

Andrea Keilty

Jeff Geoghegan
UConn Medical Group Anne Horbatuck

Denis Lafreniere, M.D.

Jeff Geoghegan

Andrea Keilty

Institutional Support/CAS Andrea Keilty

Janel Simpson

Jeff Geoghegan
OVPR – Research Administration Julie Schwager Jeff Geoghegan
Human Resources Jeff Geoghegan

Andrea Keilty

Office of the General Counsel Scott Simpson Andrea Keilty