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Travel Authorization Request Form

This document must be opened and filled out from this website using the Adobe PDF browser plug-in or it will not have a TA-NUMBER!

How to check for the plug-in:

  1. In IE browser, click on the "Tools" dropdown menu and then select "Manage Add-ons" (or Firefox: Add-On's Manager).
    Tools screen shot Manage Add-ons screen shot
  2. Make sure that in the manager you have the "Adobe PDF" add-on and that it is "enabled".
    Adobe PDF screen shot
  3. If you have the plug-in, you may need to update it, please visit the and install an updated version of the plug-in for your browser.
  4. Once you have installed the plug-in, you may have to exit and restart your browser.

Once you have confirmed your PDF plug-in is installed and up-to-date, come back and open the link. You may save a local copy with your generated TA-NUMBER.