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Borrowers in Repayment Information

General Information

Any student who has received loans while enrolled at UConn Health was given an exit package detailing the procedures and obligations once separated from the University. The packet of information provided at the exit interview includes: deferment forms, an explanation of the grace period, a detailed monthly repayment schedule, a Truth in Lending Repayment Agreement, and copies of the Promissory notes.

Deferment Forms: Graduates who have taken out loans described above are granted a year grace period commencing from graduation. The year goes from June 30 to June 30. Upon completion of the grace period deferment forms must be filed in our office. This is an annual filing. It must be received by June 30 of each year the graduate is in professional development in a Health Professional field. This is for all borrowers who are in an internship/residency program, military/peace corps or fellowships.

Deferment Forms must be authorized by the program official. Original documents must be sent into the Travel and Cash Management Office each year. Failure to respond by that date will jeopardize your credit standing, future deferment and repayment status will go into effect automatically.

Financial Hardships: Borrowers who are having financial difficulty once in repayment status may call the Travel and Cash Management Office/Student Financial Services and discuss hardship. Arrangements can be made with the Manager of the Student Financial Services office on an individual basis. There is a process of forms to be filled out and approved.

Data Maintenance: All borrowers are required to update the UConn Health Travel and Cash Management Office/Student Financial Services of any name, address, telephone number, or email changes while in grace, deferment, or repayment status. If anyone other than the borrowers will be contacting the office on their behalf, a letter to that effect must be on record with this office. Failure to provide this information will lock out any individual asking questions or providing information on the borrower’s behalf to this office.

Billing Information for Loans

Monthly loan accounts are invoiced for any account that carries a balance or has had activity during the billing period. The invoices are generally prepared during the first week of each month.

It is important to make sure addresses are updated with the Travel and Cash Management Office/Student Financial personnel in order to receive correspondence.

Forms of Payment

The accepted forms of payment for loan payments are cash and check. Checks can be personal or bank checks made out to UConn Health Center. Our mailing address is 263 Farmington Avenue, Farmington, CT 06030-5105. Attn: Travel and Cash Management Office. All checks are to be drawn on U.S. banks. Foreign students must secure U.S. funds.

1098E’s: Each January these forms are mailed out to those who have made interest payments on their respective loans. Therefore, accurate data maintenance is imperative.


Form 1098E

1098E’s: Each January these forms are mailed out to those who have made interest payments on their respective loans.  Therefore, accurate data maintenance is imperative.


Contact Information:

Desiree Robinson: 860-679-2519


Ellen Trowbridge: 860-679-3191



Mailing Address:

UConn Health

Student Financial Services

263 Farmington Avenue, MC: 5105

Farmington, CT 06030-5105