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Branch Fund Procedures

A Branch Fund is the UConn Health terminology for a petty cash fund held in a department. Branch Funds have many proper uses; they are intended to facilitate departmental purchases of small but necessary items not to exceed $50.00. All emergencies or specific exceptions must be approved by the Finance Manager based upon the particular needs of the department.

To establish a Branch Fund, the department should send a request (Branch Fund Request Form) to the Travel and Cash Management Office (

The Branch Fund form must be completed indicating:

  1. The amount requested.
  2. Justification: (be specific) stating the projected uses of the fund.
  3. If the Branch Fund will be needed on a temporary or permanent period of time.

Each quarter departments holding Branch Funds must report their status to the Travel and Cash Management Office using the Branch Fund Reporting Form.

Note: Branch Fund Procedures have been updated. It is recommended that you review the new Branch Fund Procedures.