UConn Health has begun the process of resuming routine appointments and elective procedures, and we are committed to creating the safest possible environment for our patients, employees, and visitors.


Name Position Phone Number Email
Ann Taridona Business System Analyst 860-679-1780 taridona@uchc.edu
Cheryl Hoffmann Staff Accountant 860-679-2196 choffmann@uchc.edu
Lucas Marra Staff Accountant 860-679-8126 marra@uchc.edu
Dawn Sowder Fiscal Admin Assistant 860-679-6523 sowder@uchc.edu
Orla Donovan Staff Accountant 860-679-1418 odonovan@uchc.edu
Andy Kucia Finance Manager 860-679-3973 kucia@uchc.edu
Donna Brugnetti Supervising Accountant 860-679-3287 brugnetti@uchc.edu
Kathryn C. Melzen Supervising Accountant 860-679-3850 kmelzen@uchc.edu
Greg Sznaj Budget Director 860-679-1753 sznaj@uchc.edu
Lisa Danville Associate Vice President of Budgeting 860-679-2701 danville@uchc.edu
Michael Contakis Business System Analyst 860-679-8081 mcontakis@uchc.edu
Melanie Picz Reimbursement Analyst II 860-679-1548 picz@uchc.edu