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Click below to view new HuskyBuy invoice approval documents:

Approving Invoices Guide

Returning Invoices Guide

Updating PO/Invoice Owner Guide

Helpful Tips:

    • The invoice submission process is NOT changing with the new HuskyBuy invoice approval process; however, invoices should be sent immediately upon receipt to the general AP mailbox: Prior approval is no longer required; invoice approval will take place in HuskyBuy.
    • Please note that sending an invoice with a pre-approval will not take the place of the new HuskyBuy invoice approval process; your invoice will still have to be approved via HuskyBuy workflow (see HuskyBuy Invoice Approval Guide above for instructions on how to approve via HuskyBuy workflow).
    • Invoices should be sent to the AP inbox only to avoid duplicate payment – please do not send the same invoice to an AP Staff member.
    • Your email Subject should include some detail regarding the invoice (Examples: Vendor name, Invoice #, PO #, etc.)
    • All pages of an invoice should be submitted to AP for valid documentation.
    • When approving your invoice in HuskyBuy, please ensure the PO has sufficient funds to prevent payment delays.
    • Invoices usually take about 5 business days to be processed.
    • When processed, invoices will follow the vendor payment terms listed in HuskyBuy unless a valid reason is provided for urgency – standard terms are 30 days.
    • Checks are sent out on Mondays and Thursdays (may vary depending on holidays).
    • Please send discounted invoices in a timely manner so that the AP team has time to process and take advantage of the discount given.
    • Be sure that your PO has been fully invoiced before you request Solutions Team to close.
    • For check information, please contact Marcel Mirambeaux []