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Solutions Team

The Solutions Team processes “Invoice Exceptions” that exceed tolerance limits for pricing, quantity, shipping/handling and certain taxes.

How to Process Change Request Form

Please read our Change Order Request, on how to process a Change Request Form.

  • Reasons for using this form:
    • Change to Quantity
    • Change to Unit Price
    • Increase Order Value and Encumbrance
    • Decrease PO Value and Encumbrance
    • Correct Part Number/Description
    • FOAPAL Code Change

Closing Out Purchase Orders

  • Reasons for closing out Purchase Orders:
    • Purchase Order was fully invoiced with funds still encumbered
    • Purchase Order was created for the wrong vendor
    • Merchandise/Services were cancelled
  • How to request to have your Purchase Order close:
    • Before requesting a close, be sure there are no invoices “in process” against the purchase order
    • Add a comment to the purchase order and direct the comment (Close PO) to Last Name “Team” First Name “Solutions”