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The Accounts Payable Department ensures all disbursements of UConn Health funds are done in accordance to policies and procedures of UConn Health. Failure to follow policies and procedures will put us on “Credit Hold” by our Vendors. Our knowledgeable staff is available to help vendors and staff with any payment related questions including reimbursement and invoice resolution. Please check our links on payment related questions.

Helpful Tips:
• All invoices should be sent to the Accounts Payable email inbox for payment:
• Invoices should be sent to the AP inbox only to avoid duplicate payment – please do not send the same invoice to an AP Staff member.
• Your email Subject should include some detail regarding the invoice (Examples: Vendor name, Invoice #, PO #, etc.)
• All pages of an invoice should be submitted to AP for valid documentation.
• If you are sending an approved invoice please ensure that the signer is an authorized approver for the PO fund.
• Many of our vendors will send out multiple copies of their invoices so please have patience with the AP staff if you are asked to approve an invoice that has already been sent to the AP inbox.
• Invoices should be checked for sufficient PO funds before approval is sent.
• Invoices usually take about 5 business days to be processed.
• When processed, invoices will follow the vendor payment terms listed in HuskyBuy unless a valid reason is provided for urgency – standard terms are 30 days.
• Checks are sent out on Mondays and Thursdays (may vary depending on holidays).
• Please send discounted invoices in a timely manner so that the AP team has time to process and take advantage of the discount given.
• Email approvals will not be accepted without the following details: PO #, Invoice amount, and a unique indication of the invoice being paid (Examples: Invoice #, Date, Billing Period, Month, etc.)
• Be sure that your PO has been fully invoiced before you request Solutions Team to close.

For check information contact:
Marcel Mirambeaux –
For invoice information contact:
AP Clerks
Carolina Duerr –
Roseli Ramirez –
Shandese Williams –

For urgent requests / complex situations contact:
AP Office Assistants
*See Staff Vendor Distribution List
Brittany Fabrizio – – Vendors – D, P, Q, R, S, T, U
Lisa Virtue – – Vendors – #s, A, B, L, V, W, X, Y, Z
Mary Nichols – – Vendors – E, F, G, H, I, J, K
Sharon Berger – – Vendors – C, M, N, O

What We Do

Our Accounts Payable Staff is responsible for processing payments of goods and services to vendors and provides guidance to both external and internal customers with the most efficient, precise and prompt services.

Our Accounts Payable Department consists of three parts. Below is a quick overview of responsibilities.

  1. Invoice Entry Staff
    • Process and distribute incoming mail.
    • Enters incoming invoices into the HuskyBuy system for payment.
    • Sends “TW” invoices to appropriate department for approvals before invoices are entered into HuskyBuy system.
    • “Batching” review invoices to the daily report for invoices that were processed from the prior day.
  2. Problem Desk Staff
    • Enters all “TW” invoices into system after approvals are in place.
    • Check assigned vendor statements for accuracy.
    • Follow-up with various UConn Health departments and vendor for invoice resolution on assigned vendors.
    • Vendor distribution list assigned to staff.
  3. Solutions Team Staff
    • Solutions Team page.
    • Responsible for processing invoices that are already entered into our HuskyBuy system but do not meet UConn Health guidelines for payment.
    • Follow up with various departments on various issues such as: entering receipt; initiating a “Change Order Request” on those invoices that exceeds tolerance limit.
    • Closing out POs that still have encumbrance.