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Submitting a Request for Reimbursement

For all reimbursement questions, please contact a UConn Health Staff Accountant.

Upon your return from your trip you should request a reimbursement within fifteen business days.

Employee travel forms must be complete and accurate. The employee has the responsibility for accurately reporting the expenses and any advances taken. The employee must sign off for both the expenses and the advance, if taken. The department finance approver should be the authorizing signature.

When the reimbursement request is received in General Accounting, it should be ready for processing and not require significant follow up by the General Accounting staff. To assist with this process, we have made available a travel checklist to highlight some of the key requirements.

Before submitting double check to ensure the following items were included on the reimbursement form:

  • Name and address
  • Banner ID along with employee ID
  • Business purpose for the trip
  • Travel advance if received

The request for reimbursements should be summarized on the travel reimbursement form. Attached to the forms should be:

  • A copy of the completed travel authorization form.
  • Travel tickets and boarding passes for air, train and bus transportation, if applicable.
  • A Google/MapQuest or other program printout supporting mileage claimed.
  • A brochure/schedule of events which supports the business purpose of attending the event and provide information on meals and lodging.
  • A promissory note for any travel advances.
  • All expenses should be supported by detailed itemized receipts that show what was purchased and the payments made for all items to be reimbursed.
  • Calculations to support per diem meals.

A document supporting the business purpose of:

  • Other expenses such as telephone, internet, fax charges for reimbursement
  • Other non-standard business related expenses

If applicable, the signed Exception Form backing up otherwise un-reimburseable expenses.