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Stipends, Subject Payments, and Student Awards

Submitting Stipends, Awards/Prizes, and Subject Payments

Stipends, Awards/Prizes, and Subject payments meeting the criteria below should be handled through the Accounting department. Payments meeting the criteria below should be submitted on the Stipend/Subject Form. Instructions for the form are provided on the Instruction and Enclosure tabs. A summary guide has been linked in the Helpful Information section of this page.

Definitions of Stipends, Prizes, and Subject Payments

Stipend payments are payments to an individual whose association with UConn Health primarily furthers his/her own educational purposes and who does not qualify as a UConn Health employee or supplier. Please note: Research stipends should continue to be paid through HuskyBuy and routed for approvals.

Prizes/Awards include academic awards awarded to students during their academic pursuits at UConn Health.

Subject payments are payments made to an individual for participating as a research subject in a study. Please note that expense reimbursements for items such as mileage or return of funds advanced to participate in a study are not considered Subject payments but rather a reimbursement. Subject recipients currently paid via cash checks may continue to be paid this way while UConn Health reviews its overall policy on Subject payments.

Compiling the Stipend/Subject file

The Stipend/Subject upload file is located on the forms page of the Finance and Banner websites. It is also linked above under Helpful Information. The form contains an Instruction tab with detailed instructions for filling out each field. Failure to follow these instructions may result in your file failing to load and being returned.

As seen below, the upload template requires a Banner ID (B number) to enable loading. Instructions for verifying/obtaining B numbers are listed on the Quick Reference Guide and in the Obtaining Banner ID Numbers section below.

Required Data includes the following:

  • Invoice Number: Invoice numbers should be unique to each individual receiving payment and, along with the Transaction Description, should provide some logical mechanism to understand what has been paid. For example, if John received a stipend in July and then in September they must be different invoice numbers.
  • Invoice Amount: The amount to be paid. Please note that this field should be number formatted rather than comma or $ formatted.  No commas or dollar signs should be visible.
  • Transaction Description: Brief (under 35 characters) description of the transaction.
  • FOAPAL Code: Fund, Org, Account, and Program are required. Activity and Location should always be left blank.
  • Banner ID: The individuals’ Banner ID number (see below for additional details).
  • Tax ID/SSN: The individuals SSN is used to cross check against their Banner ID and ensure against typos or other payee misidentification risks.
  • Enclosure code: An enclosure code of G is used when a department wishes to pick up the check at the Travel and Cash Management office. Please note that checks are only released from the Travel and Cash Management office to UConn Health staff and students with a valid UConn Health ID badge and not based on license or other forms of identification. 

Obtaining Banner ID Numbers

Using Person Lookup: Person lookup is located on the lower right side of the initial Banner login screen. Once clicked, you will be prompted to enter either the last name, first name, or employee StatIDentification Number (SEID) and then click the orange Lookup button.

Active employees should populate with B#, SEID, name, and department. Non-employees should populate with a street address.

If you are unable to locate your payee using the Person Lookup tool you will need to have a B number entered into the system. This will require that you obtain a signed W-9 form from the payee and forward to Tim Misterka in Procurement.

Submitting Files for Payment

After files have been created and checked against the Instruction tab, the department should gather up appropriate backup documentation (see below) and submit to Kelly Godreau in Finance for loading.

Appropriate backup documentation should include the following:

  • A signed copy of the upload file evidencing your approval of its content.
  • Approval from Human Resources (Joyce Smith) that the individual receiving a stipend is not subject to an employee/employer relationship.
  • Receipts/verification slips (if applicable).
  • Student award letters.