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To be reimbursed, travelers must retain and submit original receipts that support proof of payment. The registration expenses that qualify for reimbursement by UConn Health are:

Detailed Criteria of Allowable Registration Expenses

Individuals should attend events which have direct benefits to either their work performance or enhances UConn Health’s reputation in the community. Events which enhance work performance include programs which improve the individual’s basic, general and specific knowledge related to the medical profession. Events which enhance UConn Health’s reputation include programs where the individual is presenting the results of their research, receiving an honoree degree, and attending a doctorate thesis defense.

Advanced payment of registration by the traveler will not be reimbursed until after the conference it held and proof of attendance is supplied.

Travelers may use UConn Health funds to pre-pay conference registration fees. Alternatively, travelers may be reimbursed for registration fees.
Sometimes meals, hotel accommodations, or additional fees for other goods and services may be included in a registration fee. Travelers will not be reimbursed separately for these—that is, travelers will not be reimbursed twice for the same thing.

You can request that UConn Health pays the registration cost up front.

Reminder: A brochure/schedule of events which supports the business purpose of attending the event and provides information on meals and lodging is required to be attached to the reimbursement package supplied to General Accounting.