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Signature Authorization Form

The Signature Authorization Form and Online SA are used to verify signature approval authority that signatures on financial and administrative documents. It is also used as the authorization to grant Fund and Organization access in the Banner financial system which controls institutional access to data.

Users may request access on the Signature Authorization form in three different ways.

  1. Request specific Funds and Organizations
  2. Use the box in the lower left requesting access to all funds in a specific Organization
  3. Use the box to the lower left and request access to all Funds and Organization or a Responsible Person

The form should be signed by both the individual and an authorized department level approval. This approval needs to be either the principal investigator, department head or higher level. Forms will be returned if they are not properly authorized. Please call Clint Propfe at (860)-679-6124 if there are any questions regarding who should approve.

The completed, authorized form should be forwarded to Clint Propfe at MC 5305.

Once fully signed, it is given to the Signature Authorization administrator. The tasks to be performed at this point are:

  1. Update the Signature Authorization system with the new data
  2. Update the Banner system with the new access granted
  3. Notify the employee that the form has been approved and the appropriate systems have been updated

You may type directly in the Signature Authorization Form and print it.

The online Signature Authorization system allows you to view approval by either Fund, Org, or Employee. You may inquire about approvals via the online Signature Authorization system.

Please note that Signature Authority is not an absolute right to sign documents/expense reimbursements. In some cases, such as approving a superiors expense reimbursement, accounting may require a different level of signature authority based more on a persons role in the institution.