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The vision of the Accounting Department is to provide first class customer service. We seek to ensure that data is processed accurately and completely in accordance with UConn Health’s internal policies and procedures as well as external regulations.

The Accounting Department is responsible for all general accounting, tax compliance and financial reporting for UConn Health. Our office also provides various services to other UConn Health department’s including; financial statement variance analysis, processing surveys, and general ledger maintenance.

The Accounting Department is guided by the following goals:

  • To ensure compliance with UConn Health policies
  • To deliver first class customer service
  • To ensure that tasks are processed efficiently and timely
  • To ensure accuracy and completeness of financial records and transactions
  • To ensure confidentiality in dealing with employee and patient information
  • To maintain a friendly and ethical environment that promotes teamwork and learning

In the course of your employment at UConn Health, you will likely incur business expenses that require reimbursement. The accounting department strives to avoid reimbursement delays and pitfalls in the reimbursement process by educating UConn Health’s employees on the reimbursement policies and procedures.

We recognize that obtaining specific information about UConn Health funds you control can be complex, especially when you manage multiple FOAPALS. Additionally, access to financial information is proprietary and requires proper authority. The forms page contains both Banner Access and Signature Authority forms. In addition, our Banner Training page offers the dates of our monthly training classes and a self service tutorial.

We look forward to being of assistance to you.

What We Do

Listed below are some of the items the Accounting Department is responsible for: