Environmental Sustainability

Facilities Management employee changing a lightbulb

UConn Health is taking steps to reduce its environmental impact by making the decision to use waste reduction products and systems from Georgia-Pacific Professional (GPP). The estimated impact of the specific GPP system versus our standard product produces the following benefits:

Waste Reduction 58.3%
CO2 Reduction (Manufacture/Transportation) 46.3%
Fossil Fuel Emissions Reduction (Manufacture/Transportation) 45.2%

Environmental Sustainability at Work and Home

Sustaining the Environment When Commuting

Environmental Sustainability Advisory Council Progress

What’s What in Waste

Sustainability team

From Left to Right: Linda Johnson, Account Executive, EBP Supply Solutions; George K. Moses, Operations Manager, Facilities Management and Operations, UConn Health; Heather Demaio, Account Executive, Georgia-Pacific, LLC; Clifford Ashton, Associate Vice President, Facilities Management and Operations, UConn Health; Don Elliott, Senior Account Manager, Georgia-Pacific, LLC