Eye Muscle Surgery

Eye muscle repair is surgery to align eyes or correct eye muscle abnormality, also called strabismus.

The surgery is most commonly done on children, but is also performed on adults with similar problems.

While the child is deep asleep and pain-free (using general anesthesia), a small incision is made on each side of the eyeball in the tissue between the eye and eyelid. One or more of the muscles of the eye are strengthened (resected) or weakened (recessed) to allow proper position and movement of the eyeball. After a few hours of recovery, the child may go home.

The surgery for adults is similar. Adults are usually awake or sleepy, but pain free. Often, in adult surgery an adjustable suture will be used so that minor adjustments can be made later that day or the next day. This technique usually gives a very good result.

Surgery may be recommended when strabismus or eye crossing does not respond to medical or optical treatment.