Courier Pick-up Service

For Referring Physicians

If you request courier service on an “as needed” basis, you will need to schedule the courier pickup. You can do this by calling Lab Logistics at 855-522-5644, option 1. They will need our account number, which is 41539. You will need to tell them you are scheduling a pickup, when the package will be ready for pick-up, and the latest time Lab Logistics can pick up the package.

Lab Logistics will be dropping off courier bags and bills of lading within the week. Package the biopsy specimens and completed patient information sheets in the biohazard bags we have provided, place the containers in the UConn bag, and affix a bill of lading to the bag. You will only need to use one bill of lading for each pickup, not one for each bag.

For the offices that request regular pick-ups from Lab Logistics, package the specimens as noted above. You will not need to call for a courier pick-up, as it has already been scheduled with Lab Logistics.

For the offices that have requested courier pick-up boxes, just place the courier bag in the pick-up box when you close the office.

If you have any questions, comments or problems with your new courier service, please do not hesitate to call us.