As a health care setting, UConn Health still requires face masks and physically distancing inside our facilities. Get the latest on visitor guidelines, COVID-19 vaccines, and safety measures we have in place.

Think Tank

The UConn Health Coronavirus Think Tank was launched on April 3, 2020.

The objective of this committee is to review, synthesize and summarize external and internal clinical information including the most current literature related to coronavirus (COVID-19) infection for communication to clinical providers and employees for potential application to clinical care at UConn Health. Also to liaise with the research community to understand and communicate to UConn Health clinical providers and employees applicable research including work on future cures, vaccines, and innovations.


Raymond Foley, DO (Co-Chair)
Mauricio Montezuma-Rusca, MD (Co-Chair)
Pramod Srivastava, Ph.D., MD
Jeff Aeschlimann, Pharm.D.
Scott Allen, MD
Enrique Ballesteros, MD
David Banach, MD, MPH
Michael Blechner, MD
Lisa Chirch, MD
Kevin Dieckhaus, MD
Ibrahim Elali, MD

Robert Fuller, MD
Denis Lafreniere, MD
Anil Magge, MD
Mark Metersky, MD
Eric Mortensen, MD, M.Sc.
Susan Tannenbaum, MD
Vinay Thomas, MD
Ruchir Trivedi, MD, M.Sc.
Bradford Whitcomb, MD
Leo Wolansky, MD
Kathleen Zacherl, MD