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MONKEYPOX: UConn Health is NOT currently offering the monkeypox vaccine. Please visit the CT DPH website for more information or contact your health provider directly.

UConn Health Guidelines for COVID Pandemic Rescheduling of Surgical Cases

With the priorities of patient care, staff health, resource utilization and public health considerations, the OR Executive Committee endorses a policy for rescheduling of elective cases for the immediate future. The following are guidelines for this process with decisions to be made by the individual surgeon, respective surgical Chair and OR Executive Committee if required.

  • Elective cases are those scheduled in advance that do not involve medical emergency.
    • Effective immediately, all elective cases will be postponed
  • Emergent cases will proceed as usual without delay.
    • In general, emergent cases are defined as:
      • Acute life or limb threatening condition (i.e., unstable angina or vascular disease with tissue loss, open fracture, perforated viscus)
      • Acute loss of function (i.e., myelopathy)
      • Cannot wait until the patient is medically stable
  • Semi-urgent cases will require evaluation on a case by case basis to determine timeliness of the procedure.
    • Case does not need to be done immediately for medical reasons, but should be performed within a few weeks, i.e., cancer or suspicious lesion requiring diagnosis or treatment, or cesarean section.

All procedures will require evaluation of the following factors:

  • High risk procedures for clinicians
    • ENT, upper and lower endoscopy, pulmonary, dental procedures where aerosolization of virus is present.
    • Any procedure requiring non closed airway manipulation, i.e., monitored anesthesia care, conscious sedation.
  • High risk patients
    • Patients exhibiting signs of respiratory illness
    • Age > 65
    • Multiple comorbidities, especially pulmonary or cardiac
    • Cancer patients due to immunosuppression

This situation is fluid and will require ongoing review and revision by the OR Executive Committee. Once we have defined the scope, duration and magnitude of the postponements, rescheduling of these cases will proceed.