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Transferring a COVID-19 Positive Patient to Another Floor

A. If the patient requires telemetry and a bed transfer, patient belongings can be placed on the bed with patient and sheet draped over belongings and patient.

  1. Prior to beginning the transfer process the nurse should ask for a helper to stand outside of patient’s room to assist when necessary. The transporter should also be waiting outside the room if their assistance is not needed in the room.
  2. Staff should don proper PPE when entering patient room to prepare patient for transfer: gown, gloves, goggles or face shield, and mask.
  3. Patient should have procedure mask placed on them for transfer.
  4. Patient’s telemetry wires must be wiped down with a PDI wipe prior to attaching to transport monitor.
  5. Patient’s telemetry wires can be transferred from unit monitor to transfer monitor.
  6. When patient is ready to leave in the bed they can be wheeled into to the hallway. The helper outside the room will have clean gloves on and assist moving the bed into the hallway. (Don’t forget to shut the door once the patient is out)
  7. The nurse and anyone else must remove their PPE as usual (gown/gloves/goggles or face shield inside of patients room - N95 mask off outside patient’s room).
  8. The nurse can put on their procedure mask as usual.
  9. The nurse puts on a clean pair of gloves to assist transporting the patient to the receiving unit.
  10. Once on the receiving unit, if the transporter or nurse accompanying the patient will be going into the new room to assist settling the patient, all new PPE must be donned.

(Receiving unit: any nurse receiving a COVID-19 positive patient from any other unit should be ready with all required PPE on for when the patient arrives.)

B. If the patient requires telemetry and a wheelchair transfer please note the following differences in the process:

  1. Prior to readying the patient for transfer be sure to have a transporter and helper waiting at the door with a wheelchair and the tele transport monitor.
  2. Follow #2 and #3 above.
  3. When patient is ready, the nurse will assist the patient to the door, open door, help patient to sit in the wheelchair.
  4. Patient’s telemetry wires must be wiped down with a PDI wipe prior to attaching to transport monitor.
  5. The nurse will disconnect the telemetry box and the helper will hold the clean tele transport connector and the nurse will plug the patient’s tele wires into the transfer telemetry connector.
  6. The nurse will go back into the patient’s room and shut the door. The nurse will then bring any patient belongings out and gently place them on the patient’s lap. The patient’s lap can then be covered by a clean sheet.
  7. The nurse will return to the room and take off PPE as per the usual instructions.
  8. Follow #7-9.