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MONKEYPOX: UConn Health is NOT currently offering the monkeypox vaccine. Please visit the CT DPH website for more information or contact your health provider directly.

PPE Conservation Strategies During the COVID 19 Epidemic

Situation: The COVID-19 epidemic has led to the shutdown of the manufacturing sector in Wuhan China and surrounding areas. This has resulted in decreased availability of commodity items, including PPE such as procedure/droplet masks, N95 respirators, gowns, etc. There is no definitive timeframe for production to resume in China.

Currently UConn Health has experienced minimal supply disruption to date; however, in an attempt to maintain sufficient levels of PPE, we need to take some conservation steps.

Procedure Masks and N95 Respirators

Strategy Comment
DAILY review of patients that are in current airborne or droplet isolation to evaluate if isolation is appropriate or can be discontinued.

*Refusal to wear a mask will be ARCC-ed up to the supervisor and person refusing could be asked to leave the premises.

Infectious Disease Experts are available for cases that require further review. Call the page operator to be transferred to one of our Infectious Disease Experts
Group tasks together to minimize the number of entries into Airborne or Droplet isolation rooms. For Example:

Nursing staff should deliver food trays for patients on isolation – Airborne and Droplet.

Minimize visitors to patients on Airborne or Droplet Isolation Encourage alternative means of communication.
Minimize the overall number of people entering a room for the same task to essential staff only. Avoid large clinical groups entering a room for the same purpose:  rounding teams, students, shadowing.
Control supply and distribution of procedure masks and N95 respirators. In Ambulatory Settings/Waiting Rooms:

  • Inventory of procedure masks shall be kept behind the reception desk where allocation can be limited to patients(s) based upon need.

In Inpatient Areas:

  • Directors/Supervisors please manage the distribution of N95 respirators. Keep them stored in a secure location.