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Patient Transport: Isolation and Transportation Requirements

  • All attempts should be made to limit patient transport.
  • Notify the receiving department that the patient is on Airborne Isolation + Contact Isolation + Eye Protection.
  • If transport is necessary, place a regular surgical mask on the patient for transport.
  • If the patient is intubated, place a bacterial filter on the endotracheal tube or on the expiratory side of the breathing circuit of a ventilator or anesthesia machine.
  • All staff involved should wear appropriate PPE in the isolation room while preparing the patient for transport. PPE should be removed per doffing procedures when leaving the room.
  • Wounds must be covered, and body fluids contained. The patient should wash or disinfect their hands before leaving the room if possible.
  • The patient should wear a clean gown or robe or be covered by a clean sheet or drape for transport to another department or area.